Proclaiming and Protecting the Truth


Our passion at Olive Tree Christian Resources is to take full advantage of every opportunity to proclaim and protect the life-changing truths God has revealed to us in His Word, the Bible. Our prayer is that many will embrace the glorious truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and, with the help of in-depth Bible teaching, grow in their faith and love for Him.

CURRENT STUDY: An Exposition of First Thessalonians

We invite you to join us as Pastor Harrell takes us one verse at a time through Paul’s letters to the saints at Thessalonica. Here we discover many practical insights concerning things like how to identify the elect; essentials of a healthy, growing church; attitudes and activities of a true shepherd; matters pertaining to future events that bring help and hope to every believer; and insights relating to a missionary proclamation of the gospel and church planting. So prepare your heart to receive these blessed truths and come join us on this Christ-exalting, soul-satisfying, life-changing journey. Soli Deo Gloria!

Preaching Distinctive

". . . we exist to equip the saints through expository preaching, teaching . . ."

Saints cannot be equipped for godly living and service apart from precise theology (Ephesians 4:11-16). This is the goal of expository preaching and teaching. The term "exposit" literally means to expound or explain in a detailed manner. Expository preaching is therefore a doctrinal proclamation of the Word of God derived from an exegetical process that is concerned only with the revelation of God, not the wisdom of man, and therefore carefully conveys the God-intended meaning of a text, passionately applying that meaning to the contemporary issues of life with an internal zeal and authority that cannot be extinguished.

Although this kind of preaching and teaching is rare in contemporary evangelicalism, since this was the method exemplified in the Bible (Neh. 8:8; Acts 7:2-53; 8:27-35; 20:26-27; Luke 4:16-22; 24:27, 32, 44-47), and since we have a divine mandate to "preach the Word" (2 Timothy 4:2), we believe that this is the God ordained method and we remain committed to it.


"A time of spiritual death is not a thing to be taken lightly by us as Christians. When the soul sleeps the owls of the night fly abroad. Temptations flit across the believer’s life with sevenfold mischief. It is the harvest time of the devil when we follow Christ from afar. Now Satan sees the hour he has long waited for in which we sleep on the lap of carelessness. He will strike when the iron is hot. He will, if he can, approach us at that hour with the shears to cut off our locks of consecration and render us a blow which we may never recover from all our life.”

Maurice Roberts

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Who is Jesus Christ

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